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Lazarus Theatre Company

Classic Theatre Reimagined

Dr Faustus R&D


To workshop and explore a new two man production of Marlowe's Dr Faustus with live and pre recorded digital ensemble. 



How can digital technology (video, camera, projection and live links / streaming) be used to add new perspective and enable a digital ensemble.

#LazYearOfExploration #LetsCreate

May 2021


Jamie O'Neill and Prince Plockey.

Jamie O'Neill and Prince Plockey.

Designer's response...

Designer Sorcha Corcoran shares with us some of her sketches and notes about how digital technology can be integrated and indeed heavily focus stage design.


Her treatment here is for Marlowe's Dr Faustus but also explores how digital technology might be explored in other productions. 

Images from the room...


Ricky Dukes (Project leader) Douglas Baker (AV) Sorcha Corcoran (Designer) Prince Plockey (Actor) Jamie O’Neill (Actor) Gavin Harrington-Odedra (Project Manager) Lata Nobes (Assistant Director) With assistance from the Jack Studio Theatre management and technical team. 

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